To desire to go, to be and to remain

Essence life

Essence life is a new concept of Crearte Collections. It is a limitless concept. It is an expression of who we are and how we have evolved. It also conveys the drive, dedication and perseverance we employ to complete our work, drawing upon the experience we have gained as the years have passed.

With the objective of returning to our origins, Essence life endeavours to recapture the knowing glances, intimate embraces, attentive listening and the intensity of living.

The desire to go, to be and to remain with your loved ones.


Essence life, the identity CREARTE

The process of making each of our creations by hand allows us to personalise the finish to the highest level of detail.

Essence life is the desconstrucion of the object, elegantly exposing its internal structure, revealing a unique and very special creation. It is the way to breathe new life in to spaces and allows us to combine only the finest, sustainable materials and natural fabrics for an exceptional finish.

Be inspired. Be different. Choose Essence life.