Crearte, the story of a trade, values and know-how.

Girona had never been a land of furniture, but a land of tanneries and leather, and Banyoles was a landmark in this field. In the early 1970s, one of the most important tanneries in the city came up with a new, very ambitious project: to manufacture upholstered furniture with its own product. After a great search, the company managed to gather a group of craftsmen from all over the world and send them to England to learn the secrets of the craft.

Crearte, founded more than 40 years ago by the master upholsterers who emerged from that first batch, is the heir to this initiative. Specialised in English furniture upholstered in leather, Crearte has developed over the years, with design and quality at the heart of all its creations.

Crearte Collections is the response to the passage to the new generations, who have kept the same roots without moving from the area. A young, dynamic company, where design and innovation are part of the day to day and where every challenge is transformed into a solution.

Crearte Collections thrills with its proposals, its design and its quality while also adding value to the space to which they are intended.