We live in an age where everything is constantly changing, an age of modernisation, a world of new technologies, and new ways and forms of understanding life. We live in a new age where, suddenly, we socialise and form friendships on-line and our lives are commanded by banal information which we absorb, puppet-like, instead of facing reality. We have lost our ability to communicate through the exchange of looks, through physical contact. The society we live in is turning us into robots and we don’t even realise it.

It is widely recognised that, today, we focus on the price of products and not on their value or the work involved in their production. Our main focus is our own profit. I want to awaken consciences and start from the beginning. I want people to remember who they are and where they come from and to be able to see beyond the product. I want them to see the effort, the experience and the dream that lie behind the product. I want them to recognise that there is life beyond work, that we have families, friends, and that people like you and I are victims of this new age in which we are forgotten. This is my message and maybe this will help us to take the first steps towards our recovery before we even realise what we have almost lost.